VCS Machine, Inc.

Established in December 2014, VCS Machine, Inc. is a collaboration between Bob Scorzoni & Vinnie Sadowski.  Bob was the former owner of Reliable Screw Machine Products, a family-run business, dating back to 1969.  Bob sold Reliable in 2013, and since the new owners lived out of state, Vinnie was hired to run the day-to-day operations of the company, which he did for almost two years.

In 2014, an opportunity arose to purchase the company back from the new owners.  Vinnie cajoled Bob out of semi-retirement and VCS Machine, Inc. was born.

Vinnie and Bob have worked side by side since 2003.  Bob brings a wealth of experience in management & marketing, complimented with many years of machining background. Vinnie brings a vast knowledge of programming and set-up skills, and is capable of programming a wide variety of machines including turning & milling.

Together they have a team that can supply its customer's needs in a timely and cost efficient way, from Blueprint to production.